Related Posts Thumbnails version 1.1

New version of Related Posts Thumbnails plugin was released – This version includes the following updates:

  • removed PHP warnings for getimagesize and file if wrong header was received
  • fixed Categories and Tags confusion (in previous version when you selected Categories relation was based on Tags and vice versa)
  • added Categories option to select specific categories
  • added post custom field name option as a source for thumbnails

More information about this plugin –

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  • bento bunny

    Hi there. It still doesn’t work for my site… the pictures won’t show (I use a custom field called ‘image’, also used by the theme) and there is always an error message saying something wrong on line 227 in the php

  • bento bunny

    It’s a cool plugin though. I like the columnized thumbnails~

  • admin

    bento bunny, I just updated plugin. In new version there should be no such PHP warning. Custom field should work also. You need to choose ‘Custom field’ as ‘Thumbnails source’ on plugin settings page and fill in ‘Custom field name’ as ‘image’.