Related Posts Thumbnails v1.3

In new version:

  • Added different post types support
  • Added custom taxonomies support (new relation, works as “OR”)
  • Fixed bug with double quotes in title
  • Fixed stripping shortcodes from excerpt

I am going to update plugin page soon with new features.

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  • Chis

    I ran autoupdate and it just killed my homemade css and design ๐Ÿ™
    Now I have to roll back.

  • admin

    Hi Chis, I don’t understand how it’s possible. Where do you change plugin design and CSS? The only way it can be overwritten if you changed that in plugin file itself.

  • Chris

    Indeed, I must had changed the entire file in order to modify the design, too bad these updates are changing those codes too and since I modified them, some months passed, can’t remember exactly what I did.


  • admin

    Chris, If you change plugin file, the new version of plugin will overwrite your changes to that file. Try to find backup of your blog files or cached pages can help (like cached in Google for example or other search engines or archives).
    The best way to add your own design is to do the following: 1) Select “List” as Output style in plugin settings. 2) Now you can turn off Plugin inline CSS 3) Add your styles using #related-posts-thumbnails selector in your theme’s styles.css. Check this This way you can guarantee that updating plugin won’t affect your design changes.

  • blue2018

    The plugin is so good that i like it very much,thanks a lot!~

  • Petra Baumann

    First of all, thank you for your work! – I am wondering if it is possible to include the current post among the results. It’s for a project where this thumbnails serve as the menu. Kind regards, Petra.

  • admin

    HI Petra, you need to change database query in plugin for this (line 147) and remove condition ” and ID<>” .$id

  • Petra Baumann

    Thank you so much! I will come back here when the project is finished ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bob


    I see in the code that one can set the size of the thumbnails, but there’s no interface for that in the settings. When I changed the code in related-posts-thumbnails.php, there was no change.

    My reason for changing the thumbnail size is that I’d like to have 5, not 3 related posts shown, but after 3 it wraps even though it has 630px of width to use.

    I’m seeing plenty of WP sites using this, but they all show only 3 posts. Is this a fixed thing or can it be changed without wrapping?

    Any way of setting the thumb size?

    Thanks so much for a great plugin.


  • admin
  • bob

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, that solution results in altering the thumbnail sizes throughout my site. My theme is using several different sizes. When applied, this solution standardized all thumbnails to the same size.

    This however, explains why other sites are sticking to the 3 thumb option. In a future edition, I hope you’ll consider putting an interface in the settings to control the thumbnail size and wrapping.

    Till then, I’ll follow the pack and stick to the 3 thumbs option as well.

  • admin

    Bob, in the link I gave you there is an option to add completely new thumbnail size without changing your current thumbnails.

  • expressioniste

    Hi Maria, first, thanks for this great plugin ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I got a problem today. Since I installed “custom sidebar”, everthing went wrong in my real sidebar, related post thumbnails widget disapeared like others. Then I removed “custom sidebar” but now related post thumbnails show my pictures in the sidebar, it’s right, but also after the post content, what I don’t need, and I can’t find why when I turn off the automatic append box, nothing happens ?

    Any idea ?

    Thanks again

  • Ahsanaveed

    For latest wordpress version. This plugin is not working.

  • Maria

    Ahsanaveed, this plugin is working up to 3.2.1. If you experience any problems please check plugin page section “Possible problems and solutions”

  • Maria Sklyarevskaya

    Hi, Maria! I installed the plugin to my new buddypress site and it’s great, I love it, and in my admin panel I see you are the author! Amazing, thank you so much! The world is so small )

  • Maria

    Thank you, Maria! I am glad you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NYCSingleMom

    is there way to make the related post smaller

  • Maria

    Hi NYCSingleMom, yes, please check the plugin page for changing thumbnail size:

  • Mm

    Hi! Everything used to work up until recently. I have reinstalled WP and reinstalled both Related Post Thumbnails and Generate Thumbnails. However, not all thumbs are showing. Is there a fix for this?

  • Maria

    Mm, check that posts that are not working have featured thumbnails

  • Ll

    Great plugin! Works perfect for my site
    Thanks gays!

  • Torsten Mรถller

    Mmmh… I don’t get it.. I have done all these steps:

    “Choose Output style as ‘List’ in plugin settings
    Set ‘Turn off plugin styles’ flag
    Now you can use your own CSS to customize output. For horizontal display you can use suggested CSS (you need to paste it in styles.css file of your theme):”

    …but your plugin doesn’t even recognize the code I have placed in the styles.css of my theme.

    Update: Sorry, I was wrong..

  • Mike Randolph

    Hi. Great plugin, thank you. I have one simple question, though. Below the title and above the thumbnails, there is too much space for my liking. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Great plugins..but how the way to display thumbnail related on attachment page(image.php)?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for that Plugin Maria.
    I was wondering if there is any way to display thumbnails from different post types ?

    I have regular posts (for content) and I would like to display thumbnails from related custom posts (for shopping)

  • John Rea-Hedrick

    I’m not sure if you’re still working on this plug in. I really love it! My only problem with it is that I would like to generate related post thumbnails on my pages (page_type). I’m not really interested in having them related in any way. Random is just fine. My blog sees a lot of “page” traffic and I’m looking for a way to encourage those viewers to read some “posts” as well. I’ve tried every way I can to make this work, but nothing I’ve tried displays post thumbnails on pages. Any suggestions?