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In new version:

  • Added different post types support
  • Added custom taxonomies support (new relation, works as “OR”)
  • Fixed bug with double quotes in title
  • Fixed stripping shortcodes from excerpt

I am going to update plugin page soon with new features.

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In the new version 1.2.7 of Related Posts Thumbnails plugin there is an option to select output style. By default it will be same as in previous versions – based on blocks. You can now select the version, based on “List” and you can also turn off plugin CSS for this version completely. This is for more advanced users who wish to customize output as they desire.

Also List style produces clean output, without HTML errors, and this may be an alternative for users with complex theme design, who experienced overlapping effects with Blocks output.

In addition, the background color bug was fixed.

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Related Posts Thumbnails was updated and now it supports:

New version is here:

Plugin page for more information:

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I’ve just updated Generate Post Thumbnails plugin – tool for mass generation of post thumbnails for existing posts using post images. Now it supports externally hosted images.

WordPress download page:

Plugin home page:

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New version of Related Posts Thumbnails plugin was released – This version includes the following updates:

  • removed PHP warnings for getimagesize and file if wrong header was received
  • fixed Categories and Tags confusion (in previous version when you selected Categories relation was based on Tags and vice versa)
  • added Categories option to select specific categories
  • added post custom field name option as a source for thumbnails

More information about this plugin -

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