Related Posts Thumbnails v1.2.2

Thanks again for all suggestions, the new version is now available for download with the following upgrades:

  • Improved plugin performance with high number of posts. Database request was altered and plugin performance improved. So now on my local machine for 3k posts it executed for 0.017 sec in average, compared to before 0.2 sec.
  • PHP configuration allow_url_fopen is taken into account. Some PHP configuration always returned default thumbnails, so now this option is checked.
  • Added start date to exclude old posts
  • Fixed display on pages with plugin setting for not single only.
  • Separated categories – which are displayed amoung thumbnails and on which thumbnails are displayed.
  • Random relation, for random posts display. It means you can set no relation at all to show any posts, not just with similar tags or categories.
  • Plugin is now PHP 4.3 compatible according to WordPress requirements.

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  • swordf1zh

    I really love this plugin and Im trying to make it work with ClassiPress. Everything is OK but the thumbnails =(
    This is my test site:
    Maybe somebody out there could help me to solve this issue…

  • Al

    I think it would be cool if we could choose the post by custom taxonomies too.
    Great plugin regardless. Thanks.

  • admin

    swordf1zh, please turn on developer mode in plugin settings to see what’s going on.

  • admin

    Al, thanks! What do you mean by choose post by custom taxonomies?

  • Al

    In the recent WordPress versions we are able to create our own taxonomies that are similar to Post Tags. Here is a plugin that makes it easy :

    So for example: if my custom taxonomies were Actor, Director and Genre, I would like to be able to select Genre to be the tags used to pull the related posts from.

  • admin

    Al, I see. I didn’t know that, should take a look on this feature. Thanks for explanation.

  • Al

    It might also be cool to be able to have multiple related posts on one page. In the above example the first row could be Genre and the second could be Actors.

  • admin

    Yeah, sounds cool, thanks for the idea Al.

  • Al

    Hi, just to let you know that I edited your code for a site I am developing replacing post_tag with general-tags (one of my custom taxonomies) and it worked a treat. Of course when you update the plugin I will have to re-edit it but that’s OK.
    Continuing on from my last suggestion (sorry, no pressure) I think that the ability to use multiple “related post thumbnails” widgets with different settings would be awesome too. Especially now that lots of themes and theme frameworks are coming loaded with widget areas. (see
    Thanks again.

  • Yamasha

    when i activate the plugin i find a lot of errors on html validators

  • admin

    Yamasha, yeah, depending on your doctype you can get errors in html validator. Detecting doctype automatically (html5) gives no errors, when I checked against html4 doctype in addition to all errors of my theme of this blog I got 3 from this plugin.

    After I Investigated the problem, I found that to fix this some workaround and tricky code should be written to get the same effects current version of plugin provides. I think that if it bothers a lot of users I can add in plugin settings possibility to change display to simpler version (just image and text) without effects current plugin provides.

  • Dan Cotungo-Cregin

    I’m using your plugin on a clients site to show related posts using tags – however if a post has no tags it seems that the plugin will choose to display thumbnails using other criteria when I would prefer it to show no thumbs at all.

    Is this how the plugin should be working? If this is the case is there some code in the PHP I can alter to stop this happening?

  • admin

    Dan Cotungo-Cregin, in plugin settings please set “Relation based on” as “Tags” only, as by default it also takes posts related by category.

  • Dan Cotungo-Cregin

    Of course I have done this already, however that was not my problem.

    – If both posts have a matching tag your plugin works fine – but if only one post has a unique tag, your plugin will show random posts as thumbnails until a new post with a matching tag is made – then your plugin will work as intended again.

    What I required was that the plugin display no thumbnails at the bottom of a post until another post has a matching tag.

    I’ve have now written my own plugin to do this. Thanks for replying.