Related Posts Thumbnails v.1.2.9

New version 1.2.9 of Related Posts Thumbnails is available  for download

The following fixes were added:

  • Fixed bug – when not all categories are selected and tags only as relation, plugin now gets correct posts.
  • Optimized performance a little – instead of join query there is now a sequence of queries which is even less costly.
  • If post has no assigned Featured Image, plugin searches for image in post body.
  • No filter of image existence. This leads to faster plugin work, but leaves responsibility of images existence on users. So before, plugin checked if the assigned file, or Custom Field file existed before displaying it, if not it displayed default image. Now there is no such check. This also fixes default image problem for some configurations.
  • Added a possibility to show posts only with thumbnails. By default it is turned off, but I received requests about it so this was added as an extra option. This is possible only for themes that support Post Thumbnails feature. If this is turned on, this will add additional join to query.

There are a couple of new strings for translations:

  • “Show posts only with thumbnails”
  • “Only posts with assigned Featured Image”

Thanks for all translations!

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  • Ricardo


    If you need translations to Portuguese you can count on me.

    This wp Pluing is very useful, but can not reduce the images.

    Best Regards

  • admin

    Thanks Ricardo. This plugin supports internationalization. Please send me your translations in .mo and .po files on mary at

  • seezer

    Mary, look what I’ve discovered today: similar solution but w/out plugin. Take a look @ this –
    Some food for thought, I’d say :).

  • admin

    Hi seezer, this looks like really a part of this plugin. It started almost like this, I wrote something like this for my own blog, then I made more customizable plugin with some other features and shared it with WordPress community.

  • Staz

    Hi I messeged here before but my site was down earlier. My site is back up now and I configured related posts thumbnails. Some thumbnails show up but most don’t, I know I have quite a few youtube posts that have no thumbnails but I am not concerned about those. I am worried about my other posts that do have a picture and a thumbnail which ends in a file like so: myimage.jpg-150×150.jpg . But still no luck the plugin is not pulling all of my images. Anyway I enabled the debug mode and if you can please take a look and maybe point me in the right direction? Here is my post page

  • admin

    Hi Staz, did you set up “Featured Image” for each post on Post Edit page like here

  • Staz

    Arent the plugins supposed to do this automatically? Like the Generate thumbnails, Regenrate Thumbnails or Automatic Thumbnails?

  • Staz

    Also when I try to select a thumbnail manually using the featured image link, I can’t choose: Thumbnail, Or Medium it only lets me choose the full size and it says 0 by 0. I am really confused to why this is happening as I have mentioned that the thumbnails are in the right folder and they have multiple instances of the image for example 150×150, 100×100, and the medium size. Some posts already have a featured image when I edit the post.

  • admin

    Staz, that is correct behavior of this WordPress feature, you select just an image as Featured, not the size. You can find here details how it works:

  • Staz

    Thank you for the reply. But this is what happens when I use that feature: . It just puts the original image in there. And what I don’t understand is why some posts have the featured image correctly without me even adding them and others don’t even have a featured image?

  • Staz

    this is what I have in my functions

    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );
    set_post_thumbnail_size( 150, 150, true ); // 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall, hard crop m

  • admin

    Staz, yes this is weird – so huge image on Post Edit screen. Did you run plugin after any configuration changes?

  • calvin

    How can you make the gallery center? By default it’s to the Left which is ok but still… Would like for it to be centered… What code do I use?

  • admin

    Hi calvin, somebody asked this in comments, I can’t find it. But I remember he solved this by using php tag instead of automatic appending <?php get_related_posts_thumbnails(); ?> in theme files. He put this php tag in div with left and right padding.