Related Posts Thumbnails v.1.2.9

New version 1.2.9 of Related Posts Thumbnails is available  for download

The following fixes were added:

  • Fixed bug – when not all categories are selected and tags only as relation, plugin now gets correct posts.
  • Optimized performance a little – instead of join query there is now a sequence of queries which is even less costly.
  • If post has no assigned Featured Image, plugin searches for image in post body.
  • No filter of image existence. This leads to faster plugin work, but leaves responsibility of images existence on users. So before, plugin checked if the assigned file, or Custom Field file existed before displaying it, if not it displayed default image. Now there is no such check. This also fixes default image problem for some configurations.
  • Added a possibility to show posts only with thumbnails. By default it is turned off, but I received requests about it so this was added as an extra option. This is possible only for themes that support Post Thumbnails feature. If this is turned on, this will add additional join to query.

There are a couple of new strings for translations:

  • “Show posts only with thumbnails”
  • “Only posts with assigned Featured Image”

Thanks for all translations!

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