Generate Post Thumbnails v0.8

It was reported GPT 0.7 was not working with new WP 3.1.  Apparently, there were some changes in jQuery versions in WP. So I updated plugin to 0.8 to support this, and tested so it’s now working with WP 3.1.

I also added couple of convenient features people asked. First is Live Log. You can see log of all successes and failures, as if the file was taken from post body or uploaded from external server and what caused the problem. And second, you can now remove all featured images by clicking on new button “Remove all featured images”. Also thanks to Andrew, I added rawurldecode for externally hosted images to minimize problems that may occur with images which contain non-english characters in filenames.

I added a notice and I want to remind again, please, don’t forget to backup your WordPress files and database. Although this plugins saves you lots of time, if you have many posts you want to assign Featured Image to, it performs mass manipulation, by changing posts Featured Image property and uploads first images if they are externally hosted.

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  • Markus Haage

    Hey! I would love to use the related post plugin on my site – but the post-thumbnail are to big to make them look good. it is possible to make a “post-thumbnail2” version of them. Resizing them with this tool and to use then “post-thumbnail2” for the related post plugin? Thx for the help!

  • Maria

    Markus, please read the section Changing thumbnails size:

  • Markus Haage

    I feel so dumb now. 😀 Thx a lot!!!

  • Markus Haage

    Awesome! It worked pretty well!

    Thanks again!

  • Abhishek Mishra

    Thank you very much 😀 it works